Software Engineering and Data Base

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The objectives of this area are:

  1. Implementation of quality software products, with the newest development processes, methods, and techniques.
  2. Development of new models of data base and information extraction.
  3. Development of user-centered software.

Research lines

  • Software process modelling.
  • Model interpretation for the software industry.
  • Design and development of tools.
  • Development of systems that incoporate advanced knowledge.
  • Web languages.
  • Semi-structurated data base.
  • XML and applications to data base.
  • Data mining.
  • New interaction paradigms.
  • Understanding the nature of human-computer interaction.
  • Development processes for interactive systems.
  • Development methods for interactive systems.
  • Software architecture and design.
  • Software patterns.


¤ Masters and Doctoral

¤ Masters